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Posters from the recent ANZBA 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting are displayed here. This page is still under construction, more posters as well as ANZBA affiliated publications will be available in the new year.

Click on the links below to view the posters from the ANZBA 2013 ASM:

Resting Energy Expenditure in Critically Ill Burns Patients – Porteous

Guide to Data Visualisation in the Modern Burn Unit – Patrick Coghlan

Meeting nutritional requirements following severe burn injury -Ian Loh

10 Years of Non_Candidal Mycoses at a Statewide Burn Service – Dr. Tanya Katz

Angle Grinder Related Burns in Older Persons – Richard Atkinson

Burn First Aid – the Weird and Wonderful – Dr. Ela Hyland

Burn Injury & Cancer Risk. A Longitudinal Analysis & Opportunity for International Collaboration – Janine Duke

Determinants of burn first aid knowledge – Hillary Wallace

Developing Non-Burn Specialist Allied health Staff Knowledge – Kristi Mc Tague

Exploring the bag of tricks used in the treatment of facial scarring – Fiona Poelchow

Frostbite presentations during the hottest Australia Summer on record – Dr James Hodgkinson

Guide to Data Visualisation in the Modern Burn Unit – Patrick Coghlan

Hypertrophic scarring of skin graft donor sites in burn patients – prevalance and risk factors – Clare Batkin

Never mix fire and petrol – Siobhan Connolly

Theres a Fraction Too Much Friction – Alexander O’Neill

To Splint Or Not to Splint – Jessica Shapland

True Burns With Grit – Natalia Adanichkin

USe and Outomce of Donor Skin Allograft in the RBWH Burns Unit – Dr Richard Bradbury

Rural & Metro Paediatric Burns in NSW, A Restrospective Epidemiolgical Analysis – Dr. Ela Hyland

Venous thromboembolism in burn patients, retrospective analysis of admissions to Middlemore Hospital, Auckland – Laura Wharton

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