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Information on the activities of the new Research Committee is coming soon.

Click on the links below to view the posters from the ANZBA 2013 ASM:

Resting Energy Expenditure in Critically Ill Burns Patients – Porteous

Guide to Data Visualisation in the Modern Burn Unit – Patrick Coghlan

Meeting nutritional requirements following severe burn injury -Ian Loh

10 Years of Non_Candidal Mycoses at a Statewide Burn Service – Dr. Tanya Katz

Angle Grinder Related Burns in Older Persons – Richard Atkinson

Burn First Aid – the Weird and Wonderful – Dr. Ela Hyland

Burn Injury & Cancer Risk. A Longitudinal Analysis & Opportunity for International Collaboration – Janine Duke

Determinants of burn first aid knowledge – Hillary Wallace

Developing Non-Burn Specialist Allied health Staff Knowledge – Kristi Mc Tague

Exploring the bag of tricks used in the treatment of facial scarring – Fiona Poelchow

Frostbite presentations during the hottest Australia Summer on record – Dr James Hodgkinson

Guide to Data Visualisation in the Modern Burn Unit – Patrick Coghlan

Hypertrophic scarring of skin graft donor sites in burn patients – prevalance and risk factors – Clare Batkin

Never mix fire and petrol – Siobhan Connolly

Theres a Fraction Too Much Friction – Alexander O’Neill

To Splint Or Not to Splint – Jessica Shapland

True Burns With Grit – Natalia Adanichkin

USe and Outomce of Donor Skin Allograft in the RBWH Burns Unit – Dr Richard Bradbury

Rural & Metro Paediatric Burns in NSW, A Restrospective Epidemiolgical Analysis – Dr. Ela Hyland

Venous thromboembolism in burn patients, retrospective analysis of admissions to Middlemore Hospital, Auckland – Laura Wharton

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