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New Zealand First National Education Grant

The National Burn Service, New Zealand invites interested parties to apply for a First National Education Grant.

Applications will be considered by representatives from the National Burn Centre, Middlemore Foundation and First National Group NZ Limited.

Applications must include a letter of support from their line manager indicating they support the application, and that study leave, additional travel costs and accommodation will need to be approved by the employer.

Applicants must be willing to attend First National events to publicise the grant, and comply with media requests from First National promoting their sponsorship of the scheme. This may include photographs, quotes and attendance at a local functions, newsletter, and social media or media stories. Applicants must agree to have their telephone number released to the media.

Successful applicants will receive confirmation via the Middlemore Foundation (which will reimburse the appropriate fee after evidence of successful completion of the course is presented). The applicant must make and fund their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Please be aware there is a cancellation fee for not attending the course.

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