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ANZBA is administered by a Board comprised of member representatives of each Australian state and territory and New Zealand. The Board members for each state and New Zealand are the designated branch representatives for those areas.

Current ANZBA Board members
  1. Dr Jeremy Rawlins President
  2. Tracey Perrett, Vice President, New Zealand
  3.  Vice President, Australia – position vacant
  4. Anne Darton, Secretary
  5. Kelly Drew, Treasurer
  6. Dr Carl Lisec, QLD representative
  7. Margaret Brennan, NT representative
  8. Diane Elfleet, NSW representative
  9. Hana Menezes, VIC representative
  10. Dr Helen Douglas, WA representative
  11. Dr Andrew Castley, TAS representative
  12. Deborah Murray, NZ representative
  13. Natalia Adanichkin, SA representative
  14. Heather Cleland, Chair – BRANZ/BQIP Committee
  15. Dr Richard Wong-She, Chair, Emergency Management of Severe Burns Course (EMSB)


  1. Andrea McKittrick, Chair Allied Health Committee
  2. Siobhan Connolly, Chair Prevention Committee
  3. Natalia Adanichkin, Chair Nursing Committee

To contact any of the ANZBA Board or Committee members: