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Burn injuries range from the most minor and common of wounds, dealt with in the community, to the most severe and devastating of injuries. They are highly variable and individual injuries affecting all ages and social groups. In general terms, management of the burns patient is based on the size, depth and anatomical site of the injury, mechanism of injury and the presence of co-existing conditions.

The vast majority of burns are superficial in depth and should heal in 10 – 12 days without complication, whereas large burn injuries require immediate emergency and surgical treatment, followed by prolonged nursing and rehabilitation input.

Regardless of severity of burn the goals of management is to preserve life, achieve wound healing in a timely fashion, minimise pain and the risk of infection, preserve physical function and minimise cosmetic deformity.

This section of the ANZBA website is a resource to facilitate communication and collaboration between burn care specialists as well as the wider community.The purpose is to provide medical specialists, nurses, allied health practitioners, researchers, paramedics, and other workers with guidance regarding aspects of burn treatment in Australia and New Zealand.