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The Emergency Management of Severe Burns course teaches how to recognise, assess, stabilise and transfer the severely burnt patient.

Relevant clinical skills are demonstrated and important topics are explained in more detail in group discussions. Life-like case simulations are then used to consolidate and integrate the course material.

The course is aimed at health professionals who may find themselves caring for person with an acute severe burn injury. It supplements existing clinical knowledge in trauma management with the specific aspects and challenges associated with a burn injury.

The course concludes with a written examination (MCQ) and a short simulated patient clinical scenario. A certificate of completion is provided on successful completion of both parts. The course runs over one day, with registration at 7.30am, and concluding at 5.45pm.   Numbers are limited to a maximum of 24 participants for each course.

A course manual will be distributed approximately three weeks before the course. The course manual is essential pre-course reading, if you have not received the manual by this time, please contact the Secretariat Office. It is important that the manual be studied prior to undertaking the course.

A passport size photo is required and can be sent to the Secretariat office via email or hard copy *******************************************************************

The 2021 programme has been finalised:

  • Wellington (Hutt) – 20thFebruary 2021 – course completed
  • Sydney (RNSH) – 13th March – Course completed
  • Adelaide (RAH) – 20th March – Course completed
  • Darwin – 27th March – Course completed
  • Brisbane – 27th March – Course to be rescheduled following Covid shut down
  • Christchurch – 17th April – Course completed
  • Melbourne – 15th May – Course completed
  • Perth – 29th May – Course completed
  • Sydney (RNSH) – 19th June – Course completed
  • Auckland – 26th June – Course completed
  • BRISBANE (rescheduled from March) – Course completed
  • Townsville – 7th August – Course postponed due to Qld covid lockdown that weekend
  • Sydney (RNSH) – 18th September – Course postpone due to ongoing NSW Covid Lock-down
  • ANZBA Conference, Perth (Tues 12th – Friday 15th October)
  • Brisbane – 6th November – Registrations closed
  • Hobart – 13th November – Registrations closed
  • Melbourne – 20th November – Course postponed due to Covid restrictions
  • Wellington (Hutt)  – 20th November -Course postponed due to Covid restrictions
  • Sydney (RNSH) – 27th November – Course postponed due to Covid restrictions

Please complete the EMSB registration form EMSB Registration form_2021_generic   and  email (or post) to the Secretariat office. 

ANZBA Burns Rehabilitation Course (BRC):

  • Brisbane – 8th May  – Course completed
  • Brisbane – 7th August – Course postponed due to Qld Covid lockdown that weekend
  • Sydney – 30th October 2021 – Course cancelled due to NSW Covid lockdown

Please complete the BRC registration form  and  email (or post) to the Secretariat office:

BRC_Registration form _Syd 30th Oct ’21

BRC_Registration form _Brisbane 7th August 2021 

EMSB Registration Form