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Use of ANZBA Material

Copyright in this website is owned by ANZBA. While ANZBA owns copyright of some of the clinical photos and charts published on this website, it does not own the copyright of all of the material. In some cases, copyright in the material belongs to third parties and the material has been published with permission.

If you wish to download and/or copy any material – images, photos or charts on the website please read the following.

Educational or Personal Use

You may download and/or copy material  on this website for educational, research, study or personal (non-commercial) purposes provided that the materials are not modified or altered in any form and that the source is appropriately acknowledged ( The Australian & New Zealand Burn Association)

Other Uses

If you wish to download, reproduce, republish and/or distribute any material on this website owned by the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association for any purpose other than educational, research, study or personal (non-commercial) purposes, for example, for publication in a text book or other commercial use, you must request and obtain the prior written permission of the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association.


Click here to download  ANZBA Procedure for requests for use of ANZBA material_ v2_June 2017_application form

On the form:

  • Insert the relevant details on page 1
  • Sign in the space provided on page 2 indicating your agreement to the Terms of Use
  • Send the completed form to:

 ANZBA Secretariat 
             PO Box 550 
             ALBANY CREEK,
             QLD 4035


Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the ANZBA Board.
If permission is granted, ANZBA will notify you of its approval by signing and returning a copy of the signed form.

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