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History / Logo

The ANZBA Logo

ANZBA logo  1978 - 2013
ANZBA logo
1978 – 2013

In 2012 after much deliberation the ANZBA Board  agreed to modernise the ANZBA logo. The new logo as seen on this website was endorsed by the ANZBA Board and membership at the Annual General Meeting in Fremantle during October 2013.

The original ANZBA logo appeared in the first edition of the ANZBA newsletter, dated September 1978. The documented history of the logo remains sparse, however minutes from the 1977 second annual meeting acknowledged the efforts of Dr. Julian Keogh for arranging the association’s monogram.

ANZBA would like to acknowledge and thank Dr.Julian Keogh and other founders of ANZBA involved with the creation of the original ANZBA logo which served the organisation for 35 years.

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