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ANZBA Membership Survey

Thanks to Bec Schrale (Tasmanian state rep) and Tracey Perret (NZ state Rep) for implementing and evaluating the ANZBA membership survey. Survey results were sent out to all members in August.

The survey was sent out to approximately 500 individuals with 172 responses, of whom 61% were current ANZBA members. Overall, the survey results indicate that participants believe that ANZBA membership services are valuable, they utilise the benefits and believe that collegiate support and networking are a beneficial component of membership.

Common themes from the survey comments were to continue the ASM discount, review the cost of membership, provide online access to a journal, and communicate with members regarding educational opportunities available.

Watch this space as we respond to your membership survey feedback. The ANZBA board remains committed to the review of membership services and will repeat the survey in 12 months to review engagement by members/non-members and examine new and ongoing initiatives.

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Australian and New Zealand Burns Association Membership Su…

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