The University of Adelaide’s Masters of Nursing Science (Burns Nursing) program provides graduates with a rigorous grounding in the theoretical and practical components that underpin the practice of Burns Nursing. These skills are necessary to ensure that the burns nurse is able to provide comprehensive and appropriate care to burns patients.

Students will also graduate with a sound knowledge of burn pathophysiology, epidemiology, burn types, first aid management, burn assessment and management, surgical intervention, skin substitutes, rehabilitation, prevention and education.

The program is offered externally via an online classroom that allows students the opportunity to interact (in real time) with burns nurses from all over Australia as well as experts in the field. A component of disaster management and the associated role of the burns nurse is incorporated into the program.

Stage 1 (Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science- Burns) is designed to develop specialist burns nurses who have advanced skills and knowledge who are able to deliver specialist care to burns patients. Once completed nurses can then go onto stage 2 and complete a Master of Nursing Science (Burns Nursing) with either a research or coursework focus.

Each stage can be completed in 1 year full time study or 2 years half time study.

The program will be offered every 2 years (dependant on enrolment numbers) but students will have the option of completing the core courses(subjects) in the ‘off’ years

For further information:

Course Coordinator

Paul Mc Leish
p: +61 8 8313 6286

For a copy of the brochure, please click here:  master-nursing-science-burns